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Klimes P., Drescher J., Buchori D., Hidayat P., Nazarreta R., Potocky P., Rimandai M., Scheu S., Matos-Maravi P. (2022): Uncovering cryptic diversity in the enigmatic ant genus Overbeckia and insights into the phylogeny of Camponotini (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Formicinae). Invertebrate Systematics 36(6), 557–579. (research article

Tuma J., Frouz J., Vesela J., Krivohlavy F., Fayle T.M. (2022) The impacts of tropical mound-building social insects on soil properties vary between taxa and with anthropogenic habitat change. Applied Soil Ecology (research article)

Mottl O., Fibich P., Klimeš P., Volf M., Tropek R., Anderson-Teixeira K., Auga J., Blair T., Butterill P. T., Carscallen G., Gonzalez-Akre E., Goodman A., Kaman O., Lamarre G., Libra M., Losada M.E., Manumbor M., Miller S., Molem K., Nichols G., Plowman N., Redmond C. M., Seifert C. L., Vrána J., Weiblen G., Novotný V. (2020) Spatial covariance of herbivorous and predatory guilds of forest canopy arthropods along a latitudinal gradient. Ecology Letters  (research article)

Plowman N.S., Mottl, O., Novotny, V., Philip F.J., Idigel, C., Rimandai M., Klimes, P. (2020). Nest microhabitats and tree size mediate shifts in ant community structure across elevation in tropical rainforest canopies. Ecography 43: 431–442. (research article)