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About Nic

A biology graduate still learning about insects and the natural world.

Some recent publications

Plowman N.S., Hood A., Moses J., Redmond C., Novotny V., Klimes P., Fayle T.M. (2017) Network reorganization and breakdown of an ant-plant protection mutualism with elevation. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 284: 20162564 (research article)

Janda M., Matos Maravi P., Borovanska M., Zima J. jr., Youngerman E.,  Pierce N., (2016) Phylogeny and population genetic structure of the ant genus Acropyga (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in New Guinea.  Invertebrate Systematics 30: 28–40.

Fayle T.M., Eggleton P., Manica A., Yusah K.M. & Foster W.A. (2015) Experimentally testing and assessing the predictive power of species assembly rules for tropical canopy ants. Ecology Letters 18:254-262.

Klimes P., Fibich P., Idigel C., Rimandai M. (2015) Disentangling the diversity of arboreal ant communities in tropical forest trees. PLoS ONE 10(2) (PDF)